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Open Source Newtella for Linux et al

Newtella? What's this?

It's a new way to share music over the internet. Essentially, it's a Gnutella client, focusing on the sharing of mp3 files. (Read more)

Current Status

It's alpha. It crashes. A lot. But it can connect, download and upload files, save the user's settings and make coffee and tea at the same time.

News in a glance

5 February 2002 - gnewtellium 0.05b is out! Noticed the "b"? There are some quite big bugfixes, so go ahead and download it now. The changelog is available.

There is no web-based forum (like it used to be). Feel free to subscribe to gnewtellium-users if you'd like any help with gnewtellium.

Read more:

Elias Athanasopoulos (home page) - main hacking
Alexandros Vellis (home page) - web editor et al.

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