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The author is Elias Athanasopoulos. Hm, he now has a web page. His job is coding and hacking gnewtellium.

I am Alexandros Vellis. I'm helping out a bit with (not) updating the page (very often), writing PHP, setting up mailing lists, you get the idea, that kind of boring stuff. I also have a web page (silly me).

Many Thanks

We cannot thank these people enough:

If you have contributed in any way but your name isn't here, it's not Elias' fault but mine; I'm a bit slow on updating the pages.

About the Pages

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Here's a mirror to DeCSS; this is not the DeCSS that descrambles encrypted DVD content, the one that MPAA complain about; for more information, read this page.

And now some cool buttons, for your pleasure.

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