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How is Newtella compared to Gnutella?
It's the same network, really. It's just that Newtella clients focus on mp3 files, simplyfying the whole environment for Joe User who just wants to share his music.
I cannot connect.
That's not a question.
Very funny... OK, how can I connect to the gnutella network? Pressing "add"doesn't help.
The default value for the host to get you to the gnutella network is If this does not work for you, try changing it to some other gnutella host-cache host (that sounds funny), such as:,, or This is a Gnutella issue. For more information, visit
I've changed this, but still cannot connect! What can I do?
Are you sure you're not behind a firewall? gnewtellium doesn't support firewall configurations very well yet.
Why only MP3 files? Can't you make a generic gnutella servent?
This is considered for a later version. It's only a few lines of code that has to be changed to make gnewtellium a proper gnutella servent, so it's bound to happen soon.
How about Ogg Vorbis files?
See previous question. It's going to be fixed RSN.

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