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Newtella? What's this?

According to the Newtella FAQ:

Newtella is a new way to share music over the internet. You can use Newtella to search and download music, as well as share your music with other Newtella users.

Newtella focuses on MP3 files and so is a subset of the gnutella network. It is true that both are fully-distributed information-sharing software network technology. But Newtella is more secure because it is designed to retrieve and exchange only MP3 files. This prevents the unrestricted duplication of viruses and self-executing trojan horses. It also prevents illicit uses of the gnutella network.

So, gnewtellium is essentially a Gnutella client. A very promising one, but also a very alpha one as well; at it's current state, it crashes a bit unexpectedly some times.

However, gnewtellium was one of the first gnutella programs in Linux to act as a server, i.e. share files with others.

The requirements are:

  • A GNU/Linux or *BSD operating system. So far it has been tested successfully on:
    • Redhat (6.2, 7.0, 7.1) on Intel x86 systems.
    • Debian 2.2r3 on Intel x86.
    • Debian 2.2 on PowerPC (sourceforge's compile farm machine).
    • Debian 2.2 on Alpha (again, sourceforge's compile farm machine).
    • FreeBSD
    • Someone reported successful compiling on an IRIX machine. :)
  • GTK is used as the GUI framework. GNOME is not needed at the moment, but we'll probably GNOME-ify gnewtellium later.

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