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gnewtellium 0.05b is our latest milestone. Read the changelog below.

Public Apology

I was told that our release of gnewtellium 0.03 coincided with the official release of Windows XP or something. Well, all I can say is sorry to Microsoft for stealing all the fame and the media attention from them.

What's going on with At first, we thought that the RIAA unleashed their troops. :-) Then the site got back up, but with a non-functional forum. Then it went down. And now it's up again. It seems that they have abandoned their project. Of course, we haven't. :-)


* 0.05b
       -- 04/02/02
        - Various bug fixes
        - Memory leak fixes
        - Added debug info in connections

* 0.05 -- 27/01/02

        - Memory leak fixes
        - Huge stability fixes
        - Download resume added
        - Shows host information in downloads
        - Mark dropped packets in GUI
        - Header re-arrangement for BSD family support (Robin P. Blanchard)
        - Routing bugs fixed
        - New detailed messages in GUI
        - Various other bug fixes
        - Fixed warnings for a clean compilation in Red Hat 7.2

* 0.04 -- 16/12/01

        - Routing API re-written (it now routes all packets correctly)
        - Fixed bug in Pong sending
        - Fixed bug caused to send packets with TTL=0
        - Fixed serious bugs regarding stability
        - Servent is identified as GNEW in the extended QHD
        - GUID functionality added and thus Gnubile depedency removed
        - Fixed bugs in upload handling
        - Highlights 'good' or 'probably good' search results
        - GUI polished
        - Feeds incoming but unwanted connections with some cached hosts
        - Fixed bugs in the handshake process
        - Various stability/performance fixes
        - Added search queries queue support
        - Turned off 'passive search'
        - Logo made transparent
        - Activated the 'About' box. :-)

* 0.03 -- 25/10/01
	- Fixed bugs in the packet parser
	- Fixed bugs in the protocol implementation
	- Implemented (partialy) the extended Query Hit Description
	- Intoduced http.c/http.h for the HTTP header handling
	- Better Download/Upload handling (detect Busy, detect servent, etc.)
	- Added Clear Host Cache feature
	- Added speed information in downloads
	- Added IP guessing
	- Added Stop/Kill/Clear buttons for Downloads/Uploads
	- Performance/Stability improvement
	- Various smaller bug fixes
* 0.02 -- 09/06/01
	Added file sharing support (uploads.c and file.c).
	Added download through firewall, but not test it
	in depth. Varius bug fixes. It still does not route 
	search queries, search results, push requests and 
	sometimes dies unexpectably.	

* 0.01 -- 18/04/01
	At last. First (pre)release. :-)

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