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  • gnewtellium-0.03_280601.tar.gz
    Timestamp: June 28, 2001, 8:54 am
  • gnewtellium-0.03_260601.tar.gz
    Timestamp: June 26, 2001, 6:09 pm
  • gnewtellium-0.03_020701.tar.gz
    Timestamp: July 2, 2001, 8:48 pm
    Comment: POSIX handling of directories, make automake/autoconf scripts to resolve the host platform, find the pixmap in the distribution if gnewtellium hasn't been installed --Kervin. Some mispelling errors --Flavio.
  • gnewtellium-0.03_040701.tar.gz
    Timestamp: July 4, 2001, 10:38 pm
    Comment: Added patch for Solaris support by Kervin.
  • gnewtellium-0.03_010701.tar.gz
    Timestamp: July 1, 2001, 9:24 pm
    Comment: Include subdirectories with mp3s when selecting a share directory. Patch provided by Flavio Catalani (
  • gnewtellium-0.03_120601.tar.gz
    Timestamp: June 12, 2001, 3:44 am
  • gnewtellium-0.03_030701.tar.gz
    Timestamp: July 3, 2001, 7:51 pm
    Comment: Routing search queries. Introduced the packet_sucks() function which must be further enhanced.
  • gnewtellium-0.03_110701.tar.gz
    Timestamp: July 11, 2001, 7:34 pm
    Comment: Combo box for host cache selection provided by Kervin. Rewrite of gnutella_send_query_response(), efficiently this time I hope. Small Bug Fix: When the check box of 'Accept Incoming Connections' is toggled an error might occure and make the server fall, but the check box is still checked. This is fixed.
  • gnewtellium-0.03_190701.tar.gz
    Timestamp: July 18, 2001, 10:30 pm
    Comment: Introducing http.c/http.h for HTTP header handling. Completed in about 60-70%. It will help to clean up the Downloads/Uploads code, which is bad.
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