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To do...

..or not to do!

TODO List: 04/07/2001

  • Hard
    • Debug on_gnutellanet_read() and packet_sucks(). These functions are the entire infrastracture of the Gnutella stack. on_gnutella_read() take cares to parse correctly the incoming packets and packet_sucks() rejects bad packets. We need to know that this process is done correctly.
    • Route Query Hits and Push requests.
    • Resume of Downloads/Uploads.
  • Medium
    • GUI handling of Download/Upload connections using pop up menus. Suggested functions are: Stop, Resume, Kill.
    • Better parsing of the http headers in Downloads/Uploads and identifying the other client (Bearshare, LimeWare, etc.), as well as reporting the error codes of the HTTP response in Downloads (Server busy, etc.).
    • Justifying the upload bandwidth using the GTK+ ruler in the uploads page. Currently, we send 1024 bytes at a time.
  • Junior Hacker
    • Fix some bugs in the reporting of speed and status of Downloads/Uploads (in the GUI).
    • Replace the label Activity, in the Connections page, with a button: "Clear Host Cache".
    • Activate the button "Spread the world". By clicking it, a browser (we have to try with the most well known, netscape, opera, konqueror, etc. last try: lynx) must be launched and point to
    • Add dialogs with progress bars, while the configuration is loaded.

GNOME support?

Excerpt from a mail by Elias to Kervin Pierre, in gnewtellium-devel:

 I don't use GNOME nor KDE either. Just WindowMaker. :-)
 > The config file manipulation would be to difficult, boring, but not
 > difficult : )  I'd do them if you decided how it should be done.  I can
 > write a small lexer/parser, and routines add/del parameters.  It would
 > be easier by using the GNOME functions but the tradeoff of having to
 > require GNOME, I think is not worth it.

 Ok. I believe it would be nice to add GNOME support and just have some
 GNOMified distributions in the future, but continue the main developing
 of gnewtellium using plain GTK+. I mostly see it as a sub-project. I.e.
 it would be cool, if gnewtellium get stable, to use some of the existen 
 code and come up with a Gnutella client for GNOME.

Gtella - a set of Gnutella libraries

From the Gtella page:

The aim of this project is to make a core set of libraries and facilate efficient, cross-platform, gnutella clients. Additionally to be the reference implementation of a small set of protocol extensions aimed to make writting gnutella protocol extensions.

Eventually, gnewtellium will use the Gtella library for its Gnutella functions. If you would wish to follow the development on gnewtellium and gtella, just subscribe to the mailing lists.

The Least Important

And some more things to be done, in the long run:

  • Documentation.
  • Debian packages.

Oops, actually I am responsible for these. Oh well.

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